Back to reality…and I love it!

Holidays are a great time to get away and re-charge the batteries! I’m just back from 5 days in the sun. 35•, lots of tasty food and coconuts every day! But do you know what… I’m delighted to be back. Why??? Because i love routine! I have my set times for sleeping. My structured weekly gym plan. My meal plans set out. Work schedule in place for clients. You see I need all this in place to help me stay focussed. I know if I have all this in place I can then train hard in the gym, nourish my … Continue reading Back to reality…and I love it!

My First Blog…the beginning!

My aim…I want to simplify fitness and nutrition for YOU. I want to help people. I care. So how do I go about this… Create free content people can use over as many platforms as possible. PERFECT! Here it begins…my 1st blog! So I am going to use this blog as a way of getting the information out there and using real life experiences of my clients, myself and events that take place to show you how it all unfolds. I really believe everyone is capable of change…the problem lies in people believing in themselves.  Add in the fact there … Continue reading My First Blog…the beginning!